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Furr Hair have been the Australian Distributors for Manic Panic since 2006. Over the past 6 years we have been spreading the word and colour of Manic Panic around Australia including in featured spots in national magazines such as Dolly, alternative fashion magazines such as Fiend, at Goth Festivals and Hair Expo.

There are over 600 stockists and hair salons using Manic Panic in Australia, and this number is rapidly growing.  Colouring Australia Awesome one head at a time!

History of Manic Panic!

It all began in 1977 when two N.Y.C. born sisters Tish and Snooky, at the time singers in the original Blondie lineup, added some extra ambition to their rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. They gathered up some of their clothing designs and with a $500 loan from their mom, opened America’s very first punk-style boutique on NYC’s infamous St. Mark’s Place. Their Mom coined the name “MANIC PANIC”, as her two daughters rocked by night and became business proprietors by day. New York had never seen anything as cool as MANIC PANIC.

The store catered to the punk rock and alternative crowd with hipsters coming from all over the world to shop, see and be seen there.  The original MANIC PANIC boutique became an icon of “first generation punk” as is well documented in countless books on the subject as well as in rock videos like those of the Ramones and films honoring the genre like Downtown 81.

Tish and Snooky introduced their customers to MANIC PANIC hair dyes in every color of the rainbow with matching wild colors for lips, nails, and eyes. MANIC PANIC hair color and cosmetics’ popularity soared in the late 80’s and the sisters began distributing their line on a small scale right out of the little store.

In between running the MANIC PANIC empire and travelling, the sisters still manage to find time to perform. They continue to rock out with their punk band Sic F*cks reuniting for special occasions like the last nights of CBGB’s, Joey Ramone birthday bashes, and various animal charity events. Tish & Snooky also make frequent guest appearances accompanying greats like Robert Gordon, Ronnie Spector, Tony Visconti, and Patti Smith

Snooky, Co- Founder of Manic PanicTish Co Founder of Manic Panic

About the products

Manic Panic is a wild range of hair colour, cosmetics and accessories.  All of the hair colour is vegan and many of the cosmetics are also vegan.  The entire range of Soo 80s and Creatures of the Night makeup collections are made from Vegan products.

Manic Panic hair colour has been rockin the US for 35 years and delivers amazing vibrant hair colour in a super conditioning base.  There are two ranges, the original Classic Cream Range has 28 colours.  The Amplified Range has been reformulated to last 30% longer and has 14 colours in the range.  

Manic Panic makeup is made from very high quality, highly pigmented ingredients and is great for creating dramatic, glamourous looks.  The range includes fantastic products for creating dramatic Gothic, Geisha, Anime, Punk, Cyber, Rocker, Retro or fantasy styles.




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